Unless your home was recently built, it’s quite likely that a part of your electrical system already needs an upgrade or repair. While new electrical codes make homes safer, it’s hard to keep up with the changes as a homeowner. Don’t worry, your Gilroy electrician is familiar with all updated electrical codes. If you live in an older home, it’s likely that it is hard-pressed to stay up with the electrical demands that today’s technology places on it. Some symptoms can be obvious, but some won’t be. Here’s what to keep an eye out for:

  • Are your circuit-breakers being tripped often? Are fuses blowing frequently? If so, this means that your electrical circuits are drawing more of a current than they can provide. This is not safe.
  • Do you notice your lights flickering? Waning? Does your vanity light take a pause when you turn your hair dryer on? Maybe your ceiling lights dim when the air conditioner turns on? Motor-driven appliances are known to draw a lot of electrical current and should be used on dedicated circuits. If you’re noticing the problem with smaller appliances, too, then you should think about adding a 20-amp line to help service them.
  • Are plug strips and power surge strips clogging your outlets? If so, your electrical system is being worked beyond capacity. Add additional circuits to prevent fires.
  • Are there wires running across the floor? This creates a dangerous condition and you absolutely need more outlets.
  • Do you have outlets that won’t accept three-prong grounded plugs? This is a problem as this could mean that your electrical system isn’t fully grounded like it should be and that means you’re not completely safe.