Wright Electrical Company understands that competitive pricing is important in today’s economy. Our system allows for a WEC electrician to provide quick and affordable estimates on-site without anticipation. All electrical services estimates are carefully thought out and processed through an integrated pricing system to guarantee the best deal for you. We welcome competitive electrician services bids to be submitted to you to ensure our theory. In the end, we promise good communication, prompt service, and a 5% referral discounts to your family and friends.

There are some commonly accepted warning signs that electrical problems are in the works. If you start to see any of these “hints,” call us immediately so we can get an electrician out to your place for the electrical repairs:

  • Appliances that are running at lower power
  • Appliances that need to be switched out with each other, alternating which ones are plugged in
  • Small countertop appliances can actually trip up older electrical systems
  • Melted electrical wiring
  • Frequently blowing out fuses
  • Frequently tripping breakers
  • Your breakers are not tripping at the right times

Schedule an electrician to work up a free and accurate estimate for our electrical services.