1. 4 Surprising Benefits Of Dimmer Switches

    When you walk into your living room, dining room, or kitchen during the latter part of the day, it’s likely that you flip the light switch up so that you can see what you’re doing. Then, after you’ve scooped yourself some more ice cream or found your car keys, you flip the switch down again to extinguish the light. This is just how indoor lighting works, right? Well, these days you’ve got …Read More

  2. Things You Should Know About Outdoor Security Lighting

    When's the last time you stood out in the street on a dark night and looked at the exterior of your house? Probably not lately, right? The answer might even be ‘never’. Most of us are inside our homes at night, which means that we have no idea how they look to people passing by, including potential intruders. However, it’s been shown that lighting plays a very important role in discouraging …Read More