1. Signs You Have An Electrical Problem

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re having an issue with your home appliance or device, or if it’s something more serious like an electrical issue. You may think you need to upgrade your gadget, when your problem could easily be fixed by your Gilroy electrician from Wright Electrical Company. Here are a few things you should look out for in your home to determine if you have an electrical …Read More

  2. Electrical Safety Tips From Your Gilroy Electricians

    At Wright Electrical Company, we want you to avoid electrical hazards and to use best practices when it comes to electrical safety. Your local Gilroy electricians care about your home and want to ensure that everything from your wiring to your electrical panels are working safely and effectively. We have compiled a list of best practices when it comes to your electrical safety. If children are in …Read More

  3. Troubleshooting Electrical Wiring Issues In Your Home

          When you begin to experience electrical issues within your home it's important to know a few things before trying to trouble shoot. It's also important to understand that most issues can only be solved by an electrician, and that's to be on the safe side of things. Understanding some of the electrical aspects of your home can help you to have efficiency, as well as safety. If you begin to…Read More