As trusted electricians in Gilroy, we want to help you save money on energy costs by giving you some tips today to save electricity in the office. We know that it can be very expensive to run a business and energy costs can easily make up a large part of your overhead expenses. Saving electricity will not only help to reduce your carbon footprint and help your reputation as a business, but it can also help with your bottom line.

You don’t have to implement a big, confusing energy management plan! We’ve got two easy things you can start doing today to save on electricity and energy costs around the office.

  • When you leave the office for the day, make sure everyone turns off their large appliances and electronics. It’s common for people to leave their computers, printers, fax machines, and other electronics on over night when they leave the office. However, this can be a huge electricity drain! It’s also noteworthy to mention that you should also unplug these things and turn off power strips so that your electronics won’t continue to use energy when they’re powered off.
  • Invest in timers and motion sensors. While it’s always a good practice to turn lights off when you leave rooms, it’s quite easy to forget and hard to rely on your employees to do the same. When you install motion sensors or timers, you ensure that your lights will get shut off and that you’re not wasting electricity. You can also install a timer that automatically turns your lights off at the end of the day.