1. The Benefits of Lighting Upgrades

    There are multiple reasons to upgrade the lighting in your home. Whether you need internal or external lighting upgrades for your home, the Gilroy electricians at Wright Electrical Company are here for your electrical needs. A home is a long-term investment, and many people not only spend years in their homes, but they spend decades. In the span of time you live in your home, your lighting will ne…Read More

  2. Electrical Safety Tips From Your Gilroy Electricians

    At Wright Electrical Company, we want you to avoid electrical hazards and to use best practices when it comes to electrical safety. Your local Gilroy electricians care about your home and want to ensure that everything from your wiring to your electrical panels are working safely and effectively. We have compiled a list of best practices when it comes to your electrical safety. If children are in …Read More

  3. Energy Saving Tips For Your Home Part 2

    Wright Electrical Company offers the services of local and trusted electricians in Gilroy for all of your electrical needs. We care about our customers, and we want you to get the most out of your electricity! In our last blog, we discussed some energy saving tips to make sure your home is running efficiently. We want to continue with our energy saving tips, to help you get the most out of your el…Read More

  4. Energy Saving Tips For Your Home Part 1

    At Wright Electrical Company, we don’t just want to help you when something goes wrong, we want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your electricity, and we want to help you get things right when it comes to your electricity. We are your trusted local electricians in Gilroy, and we have compiled some energy savings tips for you to make sure your home is running at peak electrical …Read More

  5. Saving More Electricity In The Office

    As trusted electricians in Gilroy, we want to help you save money on energy costs by giving you some tips today to save electricity in the office. We know that it can be very expensive to run a business and energy costs can easily make up a large part of your overhead expenses. Saving electricity will not only help to reduce your carbon footprint and help your reputation as a business, but it can …Read More

  6. Buying A Home? Avoid These Electrical Pitfalls

    Are you buying a home? It’s important that you remember to check out the electrical and mechanical systems of your potential house before purchasing it. As a trusted electrician in Gilroy, we’ve got some helpful tips regarding one of the most important systems in a house. Always Hire A Home Inspector. Your home inspector will know which electrical issues to be on the lookout for. We suggest be…Read More

  7. Common Issues With Electrical Panels

    As trained and trusted professional electricians in Gilroy, we’ve opened thousands of residential electrical panels for repairs and inspections. There seems to be a short list of common, recurring issues with these electrical panels that we run into time and time again. Today we’re going to look at few common issues we see, but remember, if you’re not comfortable removing the cover to the pa…Read More

  8. Emergency Electrical Situations Explained

    As a trusted electrician in Gilroy, we’ve been proudly serving residents in the area for several years with exceptional customer service and professional electrical work. Winter is in full swing in most of the country and we’re gearing up for more electrical calls. When your power goes out during strong winds or snow this year, our electricians will be ready to help. Today we’re going to tal…Read More

  9. Your Gilroy Electrician Explains Old & Faulty Wiring Dangers

    Even though you use the electrical wiring in your home every single day, it’s likely that it isn’t something you really think about too often. Even though we rely on electricity to get through our day, most of us are guilty of not keeping up with electrical upgrades and repairs since electricity is invisible. As trusted electricians in Gilroy, we want to remind you of some of the biggest dange…Read More

  10. Extension Cord Safety Tips From Your Gilroy Electrician

    Did you know that extension cords can be very dangerous? While you might not realize it or it may not be something you even think about, the danger is a reality. As a trusted Gilroy electrician, we want you to understand the importance of extension cord safety. Today we’re here to give you a few tips that you can follow so that you make sure that you’re using the right safety measures when usi…Read More