1. 4 Reasons To Call Us For A Residential Wiring Inspection

    In past articles published on this blog, we’ve gone over lots of problems that might cause you to call the emergency electricians at Wright Electrical. These issues include flickering lights or the need for hardwired smoke detectors to be installed in your home. You might be surprised to learn that emergencies aren’t the only reason you may find yourself in need of our electrical services! In …Read More

  2. What To Do If An Outlet Stops Working

    It’s been a long week. Instead of just hitting snooze on your morning alarm once, you pushed it a record-breaking THREE times. As a result, you got into the shower late and really need to hurry things up in order to get to work on time. You plug in your hair blow dryer, switch it to 'on', and...NOTHING. Standing there with soaking wet hair and a dead hair dryer is not the recipe for having a goo…Read More